We focus on innovations and digital transformation projects. Our main assets are expertise, reference projects, training programs and best-of-breed technologies in the highly demanded areas: virtual and augmented reality, video analytics and facial recognition, blockchain, drones and drone management software, Internet of Things and smart city, artificial intelligence, HR tech.


T-Gate is training Center for progressive-minded professionals from local to international companies. Having a profound expertise in IT consulting and services, T-Gate accumulate best practices by industry and business task and identifies trends to elaborate training courses. 

T-Gate is a IT consultancy, software development and training  company established in 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan. T-Gate provides consultancy, software development , implementation and support services focus on the following areas :  Application Development, internet of Things and smart city solutions implementation,  Virtual Reality and 3D solutions,  Data Analytics, learning management and drone solutions. 

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IOT , Blockchain, Smart City

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.

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